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Welcome to the second annual edition of Benchmark Appellate, the definitive guide to the leading appeals litigation firms and attorneys in the United States.

Benchmark Appellate was borne out of repeated requests by firms and attorneys listed and participating in parent publication Benchmark Litigation, the only publication on the market that focuses exclusively on litigation in the US. Since the first version of Benchmark Litigation was published, the 2008 edition, the Benchmark brand has garnered industry-wide accolades and expanded to encompass several brands. One notable stream of feedback we received was that while Benchmark Litigation was considered a go-to reference for trial-level litigators, there was no forum offered that provided Benchmark's level of analysis regarding appeals lawyers. As a response, we launched Benchmark Appellate to satisfy that demand.

The sibling publication is a supplement within the latter pages of Benchmark Litigation, providing the appellate bar its own platform, with research into the appellate firms and individuals responsible for leading the charge in this specialized and critical segment in litigation, as well as those litigators and firms who attend equally to case matters at both the trial and appellate levels.

The research methodology behind Benchmark Appellate parallels that of Benchmark Litigation: during a six-month research period, our researcher conduct extensive interviews with litigators and their clients that cover their recent casework and their professional opinions on litigators practicing within their home jurisdictions. The guide covers all 12 regional circuits—the First through Eleventh Circuits, as well as the District of Columbia Circuit/Supreme Court), as well as the intellectual property-driven Federal Circuit. These interviews

With few exceptions, such as in the event of a particularly significant state-level appeal, the main focus of the analysis is federal appeals. The guide does provide a comprehensive breakdown of appellate firms and attorneys within each state and federal judicial circuit; due to the nature of federal appeals, some firms and attorneys may be listed in more than one circuit, especially if a particularly notable victory was attained there. These interviews were conducted between February and July 2012. Firms cannot pay to be recommended for the guide but rather, have been independently offered the opportunity to take a professional listing regardless of editorial content.

Benchmark Appellate includes:

Rankings of the top circuit litigation firms: Each state and circuit's firms are listed as according to two ranking levels: "highly recommended" and "recommended." All listed firms were consistently mentioned by peers and clients; however the "highly recommended" firms received the most mentions and were repeatedly mentioned as being dominant in their respective jurisdictions.

Rankings of the top circuit litigation stars: The list of "circuit litigation stars" for each state reflects only those individuals who were recommended consistently as reputable and effective litigators by clients and peers.

Editorials on ranked firms: Benchmark's editorial team made every effort to include coverage of ranked firms; however in many instances, we were not able to provide content on ranked firms due to lack of firm research participation.

The Benchmark editorial staff would like to thanks the law firms and in-house counsel who took the time to participate in our research process. Your knowledge and insights have contributed to Benchmark's continued success by ensuring that our content reflects the most current trends and information available for the domestic litigation market. We also welcome any and all feedback you have with respect to the guide and its methodology.

All information was believed to be correct as of press time, September 15, 2012.

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